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WOOSHWisconsin Organization of Spacemodeling Hobbyists
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Early this morning the wind, the rain, woosh," the worker at the Prime Energy service station on Church Street in the Whitinsville part of town said as he waved his hands skyward.
Race 3) looks a match between SHADES OF SOUL who has won five from six at this distance and He Went Woosh who may just need further so I fancy Soul to prevail.
The members of WiSOA include: Austar, Max Telecom, Nextwave Wireless, Unwired, UK Broadband, Yozan, Irish Broadband, Telecom New Zealand, Woosh Wireless, Nomad, Liberty Global, WiMAX Telecom and Cosmoline.
Structure - the shape is beautiful and elegant, geometry - which has to be perfect and Katherine has got it spot on, movement - with the woosh of the feathers, and femininity - which she's achieved with the flower.
Benefit Woosh Foaming Face Wash is just the job for problem skin.
New Zealand-based mobile broadband service provider Woosh Wireless has announced that it has placed an order for 180 additional UMTS TDD base stations from network equipment provider IPWireless, in order to expand its network.
They provide the New Year chorus, add a woosh to weddings and put the sizzle into sporting occasions.
Without announcement or prior warning, with a woosh and a flash of black, white and red, the Great Spotted Woodpecker slams onto the peanuts and uses his large and powerful beak to prise his prize peanut out of the feeder.
There are the British Championships, Cup Russia and then loads of shows on the run-up to Christmas - including Woosh in Glasgow's George Square.