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WORCWestern Organization of Resource Councils
WORCWork and Organization Research Centre (Tilburg University; Netherlands)
WORCWorkforce Organizations for Regional Collaboration (Washington, DC)
WORCWhatcom Opportunities Regional Center (Bellingham, WA)
WORCWorking Organization for Retarded Children and Adults (Lake Success, NY)
WORCWorker Ownership Resource Center (New York)
WORCWork Oriented Rehabilitation Center
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At capacity, the WORC can generate up to 90,000 carbon credits per year," said Widdell.
The WORC is trying to create that significant economic impact by investing in areas that appeal to the 55-plus community.
Life's WORC president/CEO Peter Smergut said, "At this time, we are planning a solar power installation which will enable us to realize a 20% energy savings.
The WORC Program goal is to help consumers secure competitive jobs in the community, jobs that pay at least minimum wage and where co-workers are primarily people without disability.
The Bonding Task Force is revealing Secretary Norton's 'four C's' for the smokescreen they are," said Richard Parks, sporting goods shop owner and WORC board member, of Norton's much-touted guiding principles of "consultation, cooperation, and communication, in the service of conservation.
In the meantime couriers, have been using the WORC as a meeting place and a home for their new organization, the Delivery Drivers of Manitoba.
In some cases a shire (county) may "loan" WORC participants to neighboring shires for specific jobs.
WORCESTER -- On Friday, the City's oldies/classic hit radio station WORC 98.
He began his work in broadcast engineering at radio station WORC.
For many years Dave was the main man on WORC,'' Kelley said.