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WORDWales Office of Research and Development (Welsh Assembly; UK)
WORDWechsler Objective Reading Dimensions (test; Psychometrics Centre; University of Cambridge; UK)
WORDWashington Organization for Reading Development
WORDWomen's Organisation in Rural Development (India)
WORDWork Order Record and Detail
WORDWau Organization for Relief and Development
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It is true that the image is not absolutely identical with its prototype, and if the word "this" meant the image to the exclusion of everything else, the judgment "this occurred" would be false.
Every word is either current, or strange, or metaphorical, or ornamental, or newly-coined, or lengthened, or contracted, or altered.
Think of the ragged poverty of a language which has to make one word do the work of six--and a poor little weak thing of only three letters at that.
Literature really means letters, for it comes from a Latin word littera, meaning a letter of the alphabet.
Now "God" was no word in Jerry's vocabulary, despite the fact that he already possessed a definite and fairly large vocabulary.
Thus, with the exception of the fragile memory which the author of this book here consecrates to it, there remains to-day nothing whatever of the mysterious word engraved within the gloomy tower of Notre-Dame,--nothing of the destiny which it so sadly summed up.
Fentolin replied suavely, "I shall then telegraph to my agent, or rather I should say to a dear friend of mine who lives at The Hague, and that single word will be cabled by him from The Hague to New York.
Van Brandt's words at our last interview were murmuring in my ears--not a word of my own would come to me!
The letter was my first healing after a chance encounter and a sleepless night; and I print every word of it except the last
Here Balashev hesitated: he remembered the words the Emperor Alexander had not written in his letter, but had specially inserted in the rescript to Saltykov and had told Balashev to repeat to Napoleon.
Grace's curiosity left Grace no resource but to say a word on her side.
At the word I began to move my body out of Lineland.