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WOSWeb of Knowledge
WOSWeb of Science
WOSWheels of Soul (motorcycle club)
WOSWall of Sound (record label)
WOSWindows Operating System (Microsoft)
WOSWaste of Space (website)
WOSWholly Owned Subsidiary
WOSWorld of Speed (racing game)
WOSWall of Shame
WOSWorld of Springfield (Playmates Toys toy series)
WOSWatches of Switzerland
WOSWomen of Substance (online radio)
WOSWeb Object Service
WOSWorkplace Operating System
WOSWindows Operating System
WOSWireless Office Systems
WOSWorld of Sport
WOSWeb Ordering System (software)
WOSWorld of Spectrum
WOSWell of Souls
WOSWebserver On Stick
WOSWashington Ornithological Society
WOSWilson Ornithological Society
WOSWages of Sin (Arch Enemy album; also game)
WOSWalk of Shame
WOSWork Order System
WOSWeeks Of Supply
WOSWorking Operating System
WOSWife Over Shoulder
WOSWonders of Science
WOSWild Olympic Salmon
WOSWindow on Science
WOSWeapons of Sound (band)
WOSWhite Oak Stables (online horse game)
WOSWarriors of Silence (gaming clan)
WOSWaiver of Subrogation (insurance policies)
WOSWestchester Oratorio Society
WOSWolfson Ornithological Society
WOSWarriors of Scandinavia (gaming clan)
WOSWeb Version Oriac and Siriac
WOSWartime Operational State
WOSWorkstation Operation System
WOSWashover String (oilfield)
WOSWholesale Operator Services (telecommunications)
WOSWindow of Service (outsourcing)
WOSWaikato Outdoor Society (New Zealand)
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Lowest cost and highest efficiency: DDNs WOS solutions up level the management and scalability TCO gains of object storage with a unique NoFS (no file system) architecture that offers hard cost savings versus competitive solutions, up to 99 percent efficiency, and significant operational cost savings in space, heating, cooling and administration.
Highest object storage performance: DDN WOS delivers more than 1.
Industry-leading availability advantages: In addition to todays announced Extended ObjectAssure, DDN WOS has additional erasure coding and replication combinations that provide customers with the widest variety of data protection and availability choices.
Typical WOS behavior includes avoiding eye contact, deliberate isolation, neglect, and/or disregard of the ostracized person, workmates being silent when with the ostracized person, and hiding items needed for work (Wu et al.
In an organizational context, Wu and colleagues (2010) confirmed that WOS was negatively related to employees' organizational citizenship behavior.
In summary, it has been established that WOS lowers an employee's level of SSC.
Figure B shows that WOS finds various hits corresponding to the article in question.
If the McCiintock article has been cited in any journals that aren't indexed by WOS--or in a book--you won't find out about those from the WOS Cited Reference Search.
This is most likely only in instances where someone publishing in one of the indexed journals has cited these works, thus bringing them into the WOS orbit.
More than 70 large organizations have already taken advantage of the WOS offer.
The acquisitions of Southern Optical and WOS are part of EOA's strategy to create the leading network of optical laboratories in the United States.
James La Luzerne, currently chief executive officer of WOS, will become president.