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WOSAWines of South Africa (industry association)
WOSAWindows Open Services Architecture
WOSAWindows Open System Architecture
WOSAWorkers' Organisation for Socialist Action (est. 1990; South Africa)
WOSAWorkshop on Software Assessment
WOSAWritten Opinion of the ISA (International Searching Authority) (World Intellectual Property Organization)
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So this paper considers a WCRN where SUs can access a wideband spectrum licensed to a PU under WSSS scheme and WOSA scheme.
Katie Morris, chief executive of Seal Communications, said: "We are thrilled to be working with WOSA.
South Africa's innovative approach to generic tasting has elicited widespread support among our export markets," said Sophie Waggett, a spokeswoman for WOSA.
WOSA is pushing research showing that South African winemakers are more competitive at the higher end of the price ladder, rather than trying to compete with big finance-led Australian companies that benefit from economies of scale.
The inaugural WOSA pan-European tasting, which replaces the annual London show, takes place at Old Billingsgate in London on October 11 and 12.
Jordn, who is ex-CEO of the country's First National Bank (FNB), has been described by WOSA as "one of South Africa" most visionary and progressive business leaders.
Supports various APIs including ODBC, MAPI, WOSA APIs and Microsoft's Internet Server API (ISAPI).