WPPAWisconsin Professional Police Association
WPPAWisconsin Professional Photographers Association
WPPAWorld Population Plan of Action (United Nations)
WPPAWisconsin Pork Producers Association
WPPAWorld Poker Players Association
WPPAWandsworth Primary Play Association (UK)
WPPAWest Point Protective Association
WPPAWisconsin Powered Parachute Association
WPPAWestchester Professional Photographers Association
WPPAWhite Plains Public Access
WPPAWork For Private Party Agreement
WPPAWitness Protection Program Act (Canada)
WPPAWichita Preferred Provider Association
WPPAWind Power Producers' Association
WPPAWashington Public Ports Authority
WPPAWelsh Pre-school Playgroups Association (UK)
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If a controlling WPPA contains a fixed-cost, take-or-pay provision,
take-or-pay clauses in WPPAs, however, damages are unlikely to be
In beneficiating plants preparing concentrates for WPPA plants, processing is conducted in the wet state and no hazardous chemicals are used.
Phosphate-rock-mining wastes, processing wastes such as phosphogypsum from WPPA plants, electric-furnace slag, and phossy water (containing phosphorus) are all under review by the Environmental Protection Agency.
The WPPA Technical Safety Committee was appointed last April to work closely with independent experts in boat canopy safety in both design and structural improvement aspects.
The committee had submitted a preliminary report before the WPPA some three weeks back, which in turn, was forwarded to world governing body for watersports, the UIM.
Construction of new, efficient WPPA, TSP, and DAP plants in countries with sufficient reserves of rock to supply future demand has accelerated in recent years.
As per the memorundum of understanding (MoU) signed between the WPPA and the UIM, a new X-Cat Series will be held in two separate zones u the European X-Cat Series and the Middle East X-Cat Series culminating in a World X-Cat Series to decide the world champion.
The WPPA, with a couple of seasons under its belt, is now thinking of several changes for next season, starting with changing the name from being a series to the UIM XCAT World Championships.
The new strategy is simply to go into the new season based on the ideology of making XCAT powerboat racing the number one extreme motorsport on water in the world," Ronan Morgan, WPPA CEO, told Gulf News.
Saif Bin Markhan Al Ketbi, WPPA President, welcomed the addition of Nice to the XCAT calendar.
Morgan said in a press release: "I am looking forward to leading the WPPA and its operations and will spare no efforts in offering the powerboating community the experience I have gained over the years in my motorsport career.