WPQWelder Performance Qualification
WPQWork Profile Questionnaire
WPQWestern Political Quarterly
WPQWork Practice Questionnaire
WPQWeld Procedure Qualification
WPQWeather and Pain Questionnaire (psychology)
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6) WPQ additionally offers the highest number of articles guided by feminist theory of the 15 journals studied in this paper.
WPSA has also awarded a prize to the best paper on women and politics submitted to the association, and the papers awarded this prize have been published in WPQ.
Theories of citizenship, autonomy and consent drawn from liberal political philosophy do not adequately incorporate politically active women (Hartsock 1984, PS; Shanley 1979, WPQ Rowland-Serdar and Schwartz-Shea 1991, WPQ).
Women do not express the same coherence of opinions expressed by other marginalized groups (Fulenwider 1981, WPQ Wilcox 1989, WPQ; Gurin 1985, POQ; Kay 1985, WPQ).
Socialization, behavioral styles, and political structures create barriers to women's political participation in many countries (Shaul 1982, PAR, Aviel 1981, WPQ Galey 1989, PS).