WPRSWorker Profiling and Reemployment Services (US DOL)
WPRSWausau Paranormal Research Society
WPRSWorld Pilot Ranking System (est. 1998)
WPRSWebsite Promotion Ranking Services (search engine ranking company; Bangalore, India)
WPRSWittenborn Psychiatric Rating Scale
WPRSWater and Power Research Station (India)
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Multiple researchers have shown that reemployment assistance provided by the public workforce development system and the WPRS program, in particular, is effective in reducing initial UI spells (i.
An evaluation of WPRS in six states suggested that this system modestly shortened the duration of UI benefits by about half a week, with results statistically significant in all states but one.
For the 1993 calculation, the numerator is the same as for variable 4, but using the WPRS 1993 tables; the denominator = WPRS 1993 table 60 col.
2) These findings were incorporated into the Reemployment Services component of WPRS.
This is the first step of the sequence of tests recommended by the IOBC / WPRS (Hassan et al.
Estes ultimos, quando submetidos a classificacao proposta pela IOBC/ WPRS, nao apresentaram reducoes acima de 30%, ficando dentro da classe inocuo (classe 1).
Avaliacao da compatibilidade de produtos fitossanitarios com nematoides entomopatogenicos (Rhabditida: Steinemematidae, Heterorhabditidae) utilizando o protocolo modificado da IOBC/ WPRS.
The determination of the harmfulness of the products was based on the guidelines for the insecticides under laboratory conditions by the IOBC/ WPRS (Amano and Haseeb 2001): survival >70%, nonharmful, survival >30% and <70%, slightly harmful; survival> 1% and <30%, moderately harmful and survival <1% severely harmful.
Notes: Radio One (ROI) staysat5 & 6 with Gospel WPRS 4.
Notes: Radio One (ROI) is 5 & 6 with Gospel WPRS rising 4.
2 and4 sets of co-owned stations are back to back in the standings -- CCU WIHT and WASH at 3rd & 4th, Radio One Gospel WPRS and Urban A/C WMMJ 6 & 7, CBS Hot A/C WIAD and RymCHR WPGC 7 & 8, and CCU Country WMZQ with Classic Rock WBIG 9 & 10.