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WPWWolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome (heart disease)
WPWWorld Pro Wrestling
WPWWomen's Physique World (magazine)
WPWWomen Painters of Washington (exhibit; Seattle, WA)
WPWWeb Publishing Wizard (Microsoft Corp.)
WPWWafers Per Week
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The combination of WPW syndrome and Rheumatic mitral stenosis is rarely reported in Literature.
WPW is a malfunction of the electrical fibres that control the heart, leading to episodes of very rapid heartbeats.
El especialista indico que algunas de las senales mas frecuentes que refieren los pacientes que padecen el sindrome de WPW son sensacion de opresion o dolor en el pecho, vertigo, mareos, desmayo, palpitaciones (sensacion de percibir los latidos cardiacos) y dificultad para respirar.
Regeneration of white pine is managed with crowded planting to discourage White pine weevil (WPW) attack and to obtain straight stems following WPW destruction of terminal leaders.
Most pediatricians can read an ECG and immediately know that something is not right if they see a significantly prolonged QT interval or WPW (Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome) changes.
Whether WPW pattern and its subsequent disappearance was incidental or caused by malarial infection that improved with treatment could not be determined.
A rare extra electrical connection in his heart, WPW is one of 11 conditions under the Sudden Adult Death Syndrome umbrella.
Yesterday North Northumberland Coroner Tony Brown recorded a narrative verdict saying: "Matthew was diagnosed with WPW in May 2007.
The ECG can also identify athletes with WPW syndrome and ion channel diseases, such as Lenegre conduction disease, long or short QT syndromes, and Brugada syndrome (Corrado et al 2007, Lawless and Best 2008).
The PW Full Contour (PWFC) is obtained from a logical 'AND' between WPW and the contour of the entire text.