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WPWWolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome (heart disease)
WPWWorld Pro Wrestling
WPWWomen's Physique World (magazine)
WPWWomen Painters of Washington (exhibit; Seattle, WA)
WPWWeb Publishing Wizard (Microsoft Corp.)
WPWWafers Per Week
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WPW is a malfunction of the electrical fibres that control the heart, leading to episodes of very rapid heartbeats.
The Inverse of the Entire Filled PW (IEFPW) is given by an logical 'XOR' between the WPW and WIA IEFPW = XOR(WPW, WIA) Figure 10 shows the result.
At the same time as the composition of the second half of the "Immortality" Ode, Wordsworth in "Ode to Duty" similarly declared the end of his announced desire for all things mutable: "My hopes no more must change their name, / I long for a repose that ever is the same" (lines 39-40; WPW 386).
ZIPES: WPW is a congenital problem of having abnormal heart tissue that can cause rapid heartbeats.
WPW is the abbreviated name for Wolff-Parkinson-Wright syndrome.
WPW also announced a global partnership last year with ConAgra, the second-largest food company in the United States, to produce products including a line of wood-fired pizzas.
The incidence of WPW in children and adolescents is 0.
Freda Murphy, of Erdington, has undergone two operations and is on numerous pills to control the condition WPW - Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome, which carries a risk of sudden cardiac death.
A post-mortem examination carried out after his death by pathologist Jennifer Hamilton said Matthew died as a result of WPW, which affects less than 1% of the population, combined with left ventricular hypertrophy, or an enlarged heart chamber caused by the use of steroids.