WRAIRWalter Reed Army Institute of Research
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We take those vaccines to our clinical trial center in the WRAIR," explained Ockenhouse.
WRAIR moved to a large, new facility on the Walter Reed Army Medical Center's Forest Glenn Annex in Maryland in 1999.
Several purified inactivated virus (PIV) vaccine formulations, based on DENV-2 and a multitude of adjuvants, have been tested in a comparative study conducted by WRAIR.
Since a retrospective investigation required extensive serologic studies, a serology laboratory was established at WRAIR and operated 7 days a week.
The preliminary findings of the study allow WRAIR to pursue additional studies with long-acting ProNeura implants that include FDA-approved anti-malarial drugs.
It consists of a form of the AMA-1 protein, invented and manufactured by WRAIR, and the AS02 Adjuvant System, developed and manufactured by GSK.
Avantogen believes that a partnership with a reputable organisation such as WRAIR gives further validation of the Hawaii Biotech Inc vaccine technology platform and the actual dengue vaccine candidate that has been developed.
Director, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) The experimental ZPIV vaccine is based on the same technology WRAIR used in 2009 to successfully develop a vaccine for another flavivirus called Japanese encephalitis.
From 1998-2011, exchange scientists from WRAIR undertook collaborative evaluation of the new anti-malarial drug tafenoquine (formerly known as WR238605 or etaquine) for malaria prevention and in vitro studies into artemisinin induced dormant ring-stages of P falciparum as a plausible explanation for recrudescence.
According to the terms of the agreement, WRAIR will transfer its Zika purified inactivated virus (ZPIV) vaccine technology to Sanofi Pasteur, opening the door for a broader collaboration with the US government.
We can project this service anyplace that can reach us by Federal Express mail," said COL Alan Magill, science director at WRAIR.
We're fortunate to have found in WRAIR a partner with longstanding commitment and extensive experience in developing malaria vaccines," said MVI's director, Regina Rabinovich, MD.