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WRALWhite River Academic League (Indiana academic competition)
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It has been a terrific honor to work with the team at WRAL and FOX 50," said Hammel, "and I feel so very grateful to be part of what the Goodmon family has created in Capitol Broadcasting.
Moreover, the WRAL states that the suspect is Craig Stephen Hicks, 46, who turned himself to the police.
This was primarily because it caved into the fallout nourished by racism," Sabra said in an email to WRAL News.
Binders, glue sticks, dry-erase markers are so expensive, but you need them," she told WRAL.
WRAL is among the dozens of local stations to license MGM's movie service, dubbed This TV, and WRAL wrangled a deal with Time Warner Cable operator to pick up the digital movie channel, giving it a distribution boost.
Matthew Bums, Easley Pushing Plan to Help Struggling Homeowners, WRAL.
Rick Gall, news director for WRAL, justified his station's policy in an April 2006 interview, stating that nondisclosure was "really based on a community expectation that we don't release it.
WRAL TV, the first commercially licensed high definition (HD) TV broadcast station in the US, used Harmonic's DiviCom MPEG-2 HD encoders to provide real-time broadcast delivery of four simultaneous basketball games in 1080i HD format to the regional cable operator during the recent NCAA National Collegiate Basketball Tournament.
Marc has more than 10 years of experience in sales and marketing, formerly working for WRAL TechWire, Restaurant.
Superior Court Judge Orlando Hudson ruled that based on all the evidence presented thus far, Hicks could face the death penalty if he's convicted, according to local WRAL.
The deceased intruder was later described by authorities as having the same last name as Hardin and as being a "distant relative," according to WRAL.