WRIAWater Resource Inventory Area (Washington)
WRIAWestern Risk and Insurance Association (est. 1965)
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is supporting the planning efforts in WRIA 7 (the Snohomish/Snoqualmie
Watershed), about half of which is in King County, and WRIA 10 (the
111) The boundaries of WRIAs are defined under state
As unquantified uses, these wells reduce the total amount of water available in the WRIA without the state's knowledge or control--water leaves the aquifer without being calculated as a component of the water budget.
64) As sufficient data are obtained for each WRIA to enable the Department of Ecology to formulate a water resource planning and management program for each area, the agency must establish regulations for the beneficial use of public waters.
83) The following water resource inventory areas (WRIAs) have been fully or partially closed to new consumptive appropriations: WRIA 1, Nooksack, WASH.