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WRISWage Record Interchange System
WRISWestern Reserve Internet Services (Cleveland, OH)
WRISWildlife Resource Information System (Colorado Division of Wildlife database)
WRISWater Rights Information System (various locations)
WRISWater Resources Information Systems
WRISWage Record Information System (various states)
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The WRIS, in which major satellite-based data is periodically updated without any cost and GIS is installed, will serve as a data repository and a simple analysis tool for water sector planning in the region.
Helms's (1990, 1995) theory of WRID has focused on how Whites perceive and interact with people of color, with little description about how Whites may define their own and others' WRIs (Leach et al.
Our findings indicate that the participants' experiences and meanings of their WRIs are more problematic than what is predicted in Helms's (1990, 1995) theory.
The WRIS achieves its purposes by two processing steps.
CDAL exploits the SNOMED encodings created by the WRIS system so as to make its retrievals more accurate.
WRIS include different kinds of computational programs ranging from data base management to simulation models: hydrometeorological data base management, statistical analysis packages and hydrological simulation models for different physical process, such as rainfall-runoff, surface water quality, sediment transport, risk assessment, flood prediction, groundwater, etc.
Then, the first step in WRIS data processing is the mapping of the objects from the real world into abstract entities that can be handled by computers.
Seven months into its third year of operation, WRIS reported a loss ratio of 50% on $9 million in earned premium.
WRIS takes a proactive role in helping brokers to understand and demonstrate the merits of an HCO approach to workers' compensation cost containment.
This partnership brings WRIs cutting-edge tools to the agriculture sector on a global scale.
also provide relevant advice for the State IWRM Strategy, the WRIS design, and the capacity building
Prior to MBC, up to 60 percent of LE Staff at some posts had reached the top step of their pay grade and were therefore unable to receive an annual WRI.