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WRISWage Record Interchange System
WRISWestern Reserve Internet Services (Cleveland, OH)
WRISWater Rights Information System (various locations)
WRISWater Resources Information Systems
WRISWage Record Information System (various states)
WRISWildlife Resource Information System (Colorado Division of Wildlife database)
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the strategic direction for hydrology, hydrological assessment, monitoring, and the State WRIS
This year, Toyota and Honda improved their WRI ranking a combined average of 8.
It is the relational activities that help the OEMs improve their WRI score and receive increased supplier benefits that contribute to the OEM's bottom line.
WRIS include different kinds of computational programs ranging from data base management to simulation models: hydrometeorological data base management, statistical analysis packages and hydrological simulation models for different physical process, such as rainfall-runoff, surface water quality, sediment transport, risk assessment, flood prediction, groundwater, etc.
WRIS takes a proactive role in helping brokers to understand and demonstrate the merits of an HCO approach to workers' compensation cost containment.
2009 High - Low Purchasing Area WRIs for Each OEM OEM Highest Ranked Lowest Ranked Purchasing Area WRI Purchasing Area WRI Chrysler Powertrain 182 Body-in-White 89 General Motors Exterior 202 Electrical & Electronics 146 Ford Powertrain 255 Electrical & Electronics 192 Nissan Powertrain 280 Body-in-White 237 Honda Electrical & Electronics 373 Interior 317 Toyota Body-in-White 360 Interior 319
According to Henke, the WRI rankings mean much more to the OEMs than winning or losing popularity contest.
2007 High - Low Purchasing Area WRIs for Each OEM Highest Ranked Lowest Ranked OEM Purchasing Area WRI Purchasing Area WRI General Motors Powertrain 193 Body-in-White 131 Ford Chassis 190 Electric & 137 Electronics Chrysler Electrical & 241 Body-in-White 105 Electronics Nissan Electrical & 351 Interior 227 Electronics Honda Electrical & 469 Body-in-White 311 Electronics Toyota Electrical & 523 Body-in-White 346 Electronics
By comparing WRIs across product areas, OEM management will be able to determine if the results are consistent with their expectations of behavior within their firm," said Henke, who also serves on the faculty of the School of Business Administration at Oakland University.
Over the years, the study has shown that automakers with a higher WRI realize significantly greater benefits from their suppliers than those automakers with a lower WRI.