WRLCWestern Reserve Land Conservancy (Ohio)
WRLCWashington Research Libraries Consortium
WRLCWestern Region Leadership Conference (annual)
WRLCWelfare Rights & Legal Centre (Australia)
WRLCWinding River Land Conservancy (Westfield, MA)
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Therefore, although the students likely benefited from the WRSC condition, perhaps students worked even harder to prepare for the quizzes in the WRLC condition because each quiz potentially had greater impact on their grade.
A data trend worth noting in the current study is that students' performance on writing activities in the WRLC condition improved toward the end of the course.
Overall, the WDC condition did not produce significantly better performance on either the quizzes or unit exams than did the WRLC condition, whereas both conditions proved better than the WRSC condition in promoting quiz performance.
The WRLC sought to achieve a solution which would remain open to new technologies, and data and full text of library materials.
The CASE/Datatel equipment provides the interface between a variety of communication controllers at the WRLC computer center and the wide area network.
The T1 links between the WRLC host site and the COs provide an economical way to support large volumes of synchronous and asynchronous data.
There are 61 libraries currently enrolled in JRNL, spanning the FLARE, ASERL, WRLC, and WEST consortia.
It is encouraging to note that these commitments include some agricultural titles from libraries in WEST and WRLC as well as several from non-Land Grant Universities from ASERL.
WRLC plans to add PACLoan in the summer of 1993 to the NOTIS Library Management System it has used since mid-1990.
The WRLC is a regional resource-sharing organization established by seven universities in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area to expand and enhance the information resources available to their students and faculty.
Developing this kind of glueware has allowed the WRLC to migrate to an environment in which all our services are delivered over the Web in pages that integrate data from a variety of sources.
The WRLC needed a way to manage the integration and development of this growing web of resources and services.