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WRMTWoodcock Reading Mastery Test
WRMTWarrington Recognition Memory Test
WRMTWinding Road Motorcycle Times Magazine
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In order to provide a more accurate assessment of group differences, a single DIBELS and WRMT z-score was calculated for each grade-level.
The lack of statistical significance of the full WRMT model may be related to the measure and the scaling, as the WRMT is a standardized measure of global reading skills, while the DIBELS is a direct formative assessment of phonics-based skills, which was the focus of the intervention.
33 Table 2 Descriptive Statistics for Students by Behavior Management Rating Groups (1) Very Good (2) Good to Fair Grade Measure n M SD n M SD Kindergarten 6 28 WRMT LN 26.
Notwithstanding concerns related to personnel and training, the process of administering an entire standardized test such as DIBELS or WRMT (or merely a subtest within the battery) across one or more classes will be excessively time consuming and impractical if the tests are administered as standardized and used as intended.
This approach classifies outcomes on the WRMT (or merely the word identification subtest), for example, as follows: Students with standard scores of 90 or above (or a percentile rank of 25 or above) are determined to be R, whereas those below are NR.
During RTI assessment, this student attained the standard score of 88 on the WRMT.
Using the absolute discrepancy approach, this student would be deemed NR due to the WRMT score, proceed to the next tier, and possibly be determined to be eligible for special education if the outcome occurred in Tier Two or Three.