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WRSAWestern Regional Science Association
WRSAWorld Rabbit Science Association
WRSAWestern Returned Scholars Association
WRSAWhite Rumped Sandpiper (Calidris fuscicollis)
WRSAWar Reserve Stock for Allies
WRSAWestern Rifle Shooters Association
WRSAWestern Railway Supervisors Association (El Paso, TX)
WRSAWater Resources Situation Assessment
WRSAWestern Region Surfing Association
WRSAWork Related Skills and Assessment
WRSAWest River Sports Association (Londonderry, VT)
WRSAWide-band Rectangular Slot Antenna
WRSAWestern Region Sustainable Agriculture
WRSAWarning: Recolored Sprites Ahead (web comic)
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The recent success builds on Craig Kelly's, win in December when he was crowned WRSA British Lightweight (70 kilos) Champion.
Flynn meets Hayley Dickinson with WRSA flyweight honours at stake as she warms up for the World Championships in Ireland.
The WRSA group, for example, noted that there are both internal and external causes of marginalization, often operating simultaneously (Huskey and Morehouse, 1992).
The WRSA group tended to view marginal regions as problem areas, with the two central problems being economic development and the lack of political autonomy (Huskey and Morehouse, 1992, p.
Juniors Jake Livingstone, Sean Morgan and Kevin Hall will all be competing for WRSA area honours, Hayley Dickenson challenges Middlesbrough's Shannon Flynn for the English junior ladies' title and Jade Kerr takes on Emma Porter.
Brown edged out Davies Kamara from Blackburn on a split decision to retain the WRSA English lightweight title for the Coventry Freestyle Kickboxing Club.
Brown, currently ranked No 5 in the latest British independent rankings at lightweight, defends his WRSA English National title against Davies Kamara from Blackburn and Inglis battles Mansfield's John Hewitt for the vacant WRSA English National title at super-middleweight.
White's clubmates Martin Inglis and Vinny Brown are in English title action, with Inglis lined up to meet Bristol's Ricky Longhurst in a rematch for the WRSA English super-middleweight title.
He dropped a split decision after a terrific battle with Ricky Longhurst from Bristol for the vacant WRSA English National super-middleweight title.
White's stable mate Martin Inglis targets the WRSA English National super middleweight title on the same bill.
3 Area (km2) 150 330 9948 9842 7770 BBPL 7062 45600 5000 LGPL + 3452 37620 6000 SEPL 1200 3000 + KILL 25 WHIM HUGO RUTU 23442 7600 + REKN SAND + SESA 2000 2000 19012 23560 + LESA 500 WRSA 252324 67600 + BASA 9120 15000 PESA 44080 17000 PUSA 100 4000 DUNL 150 12920 STSA 1900 BBSA 4560 SBDO 30 LBDO COSN 30 RNPH 1000 300 760 REPH 283198 212040 20000 U-PLOV 1520 U-PHAL 1900 U?
White's stablemate Martin Inglis targets the WRSA English National supermiddleweight title on the same bill.