WRTLWisconsin Right to Life
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One example comes from Justice Scalia's concurring opinion in WRTL II.
WRTL combina temas y candidatos al adoptar una perspectiva de la esfera politica como compuesta de asociaciones iconicas, como si elegir un candidato y adoptar una posicion pudieran ser una y la misma cosa.
Federal Election Commission: "Precisely What WRTL Sought to Avoid," 2010 CATO SUP.
Applying this new test, the controlling opinion held that the WRTL ad was not the functional equivalent of an express advocacy against Senator Feingold; it did not mention Senator Feingold's character or fitness for office, and had no other clear indicia of the functional equivalent of express advocacy.
Anthony Stubbs, Indal WRTL Managing Director, said: "We are delighted to be part of what can only be described as the most significant event in the recent history of street lighting.
Public infrastructure company Indal WRTL declared on Thursday that it will launch additional high energy-saving and carbon-reducing LED solutions in the Stela range this year.
The decision in WRTL H is similarly hard to square with precedent.
The central issue over which the McConnell and WRTL cases disagreed was whether the federal Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 (10) (BCRA) could constitutionally prohibit a kind of paid political advertising known as issue advocacy.
First, McConnell (2003) examined only the "facial" constitutionality of the BCRA, whereas WRTL II (2007) involved the statute's constitutionality "as applied" to the specific circumstances of the case.
As WRTL indicates, lobbying is often subject to less restrictive controls than campaign finance, suggesting further that the two practices implicate different concerns.
The award went to the lighting partnership of Newcastle and North Tyneside councils, WRTL Exterior Lighting which is supplying the lanterns, contractors SEC Lighting Services, consultants Eclipse Partnership, and Scottish and Southern Energy.