WRVWhite River Valley (High School)
WRVWave Riding Vehicles
WRVWater Retention Value
WRVWestern Recreational Vehicles, Inc.
WRVWissahickon Restoration Volunteers (Wissahickon Valley Park; Philadelphia, PA)
WRVWorkshop on Virtual Reality (Brazil)
WRVWrong Return Value from Function (software fault)
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In the highly competitive segment of subcompact SUV cars, one of the country's leading car manufacturers, Honda recently launched the luxurious WRV Compact hatchback model in India.
The interiors of the Honda WRV have plenty of chrome accents; on door panels, air-con vents, dashboard and even center console.
On the front, the Honda WRV Car has a large bumper, and large swooping headlamps, while the rear has LED-tail lamps borrowed from the Jazz.
Number of estimated parameters (p), the logarithm of the likelihood function (-2logL), Akaike's information criterion (AIC), Bayesian information criterion (BIC), weighted residual variance (WRV), relative percentage of complexity reduction (RPCR) and degree of interdependence between the model parameters (complexity) for the models using different orders of orthogonal Legendre's polynomials Models (1) p -2LogL AIC BIC WRV RPCR Complexity Leg3,3 18 98,996 99,032 99,181 4.
The Earning Power theory on which rests the WRV model perfected in 2010 and which states that the past is repeated in the future, turned out to be invalid in this sample, since in all cases the ERC values obtained were much tighter.
Trade Sector Size WRV Interpretation Status in Dec 2010 EVA Small -0.
The low high shear viscosity and WRV will be the key properties for coater runability and high solids application.
90 Starch and dextrine Does not contain Does not contain WRV, % 95-97 93-95 Parameter MCC Solubility Practically insoluble in water, diluted acids, 8.
Evaluations of window units exposed outdoors have shown that initial and long-term performance of WRP-treated units are bett er with initial formulations with WRV values at 60 or above (2,4,9).
The testing of WRP formulations has followed the WDMA guide (5), which advises testing two treated wafers (with two matched untreated wafers) from each of five different parent boards (with the formulation WRV average therefore based on pooling of 10 wafer comparisons).
Figure 2 shows that at a given level of relining energy, the swelling or WRV (water retention value) in dried fibers remains lower than in never-dried fibers.
Other councils have decided to just provide frozen meals in bulk every few weeks, robbing people of the daily contact with WRVS volunteers delivering a regular hot meal.