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WRVUWork Relative Value Unit (health care industry)
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Productivity Table for APNs/PAs (WRVU) Provider Month YTD Type Name Department June CNP Jane Jones Emergency Charges $63,403 $319,105 WRVUs 454.
APNs and PAs and their departments were educated about benchmarking, using the MGMA survey data, and particularly related to using WRVUs as an indicator for comparison.
Specifically, we measured the correlation between health system revenue and a series of covariates including outpatient WRVUs, inpatient WRVUs outpatient surgeries, and inpatient services.
Of these covariates, outpatient WRVUs (all outpatient physician services production) and surgeries (inpatient and outpatient) are the strongest determinates of overall health system revenue variation.
We created a physician-level data set that captured all WRVUs, FTE, ambulatory care office visits, secured messaging activity, and total costs of care for the PCP's adult and children panel members for each of the 32 quarters between 1998 and 2005.
We use regression analysis to estimate relative physician productivity using five specific measures as dependent variables: panel size, visits per FTE provider, WRVUs per visit, WRVUs per FTE, and cost of caring (PMPQ) for each provider's panel.
Clinical productivity in the incentive plan was measured by national Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) benchmarks for wRVUs for nonphysician providers (2009).
To evaluate the impact of the incentive plan on productivity measures, wRVUs were reviewed pre and post-implementation.