WSARAWeapon Systems Acquisition Reform Act of 2009
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WSARA improved the DoD's assessment of troubled acquisition programs by establishing the PARCA office, which conducts root cause analyses of critical Nunn-McCurdy breach programs and follow-on performance assessments of those programs in an effort to prevent future cost and schedule growth.
Conversations with Pentagon officials suggest that, beyond loads of new paperwork requirements, WSARA may not be the game changer that Congress had envisioned, said David J.
Air Force leadership had already taken steps to develop credible, reliable cost analysis that meets the congressional intent of WSARA.
In 2009, the WSARA had yet more fully declared a new policy, and the following year Better Buying Power had effectively declared "TSPR RIP" (Grundman, 2010, p.
One particular source of unhappiness is the creation under WSARA of a director of cost assessment and program evaluation.
The WSARA, "Better Buying Power" tenets, and GAO reports recommend prototyping and maturing designs in a price-competitive environment.
The principal aim of WSARA was to improve the likelihood of success of major program acquisitions by focusing on decisions at their inception.
Code, added by the NDAA of 2006, requires that the Milestone Decision Authority (MDA) certify to Congress that DoD has conducted an AoA prior to milestone B approval; in 2009, WSARA added a similar provision to Section 2366a of title 10 that requires an AoA be conducted prior to milestone A.
The WSARA PSAT represented all stakeholders, not just logisticians.
WSARA, for example, passed both the House and Senate unanimously, despite strong partisanship on virtually every other issue.
This article addresses three key challenges of WSARA and outlines some actions we need to take to change the culture of our acquisition workers.