WSBIWorld Savings Banks Institute
WSBIWinston-Salem Business, Inc. (Winston-Salem, NC)
WSBIWharton Sports Business Initiative (Philadelphia, PA)
WSBIWeb-Services Based Integration
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The product will be tested in partnership with Airtel Ghana, the third largest mobile telecommunications company, and WSBI member HFC Bank Ghana.
The product, according to them, which they are developing in partnership with Cignifi will help WSBI strengthen its leadership position in the use of new technology to promote financial inclusion.
On this last point, WSBI President Dr Holger Berndt said it was important to promote development of regional and local banks over big international and global ones because the former better serve the local community.
The World Bank and the WSBI view remittances as a valuable development tool.
The WSBI says that the Commission should not regulate too deeply, and supports the idea that regional power in the EU should be widened at the expensive of the central executive.