WSBizNetWeb Services Business Network
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StrikeIron, Web Services Business Network, WSBizNet, StrikeIron Web Services Marketplace, StrikeIron Marketplace Powered, and Web Services Marketplace are trademarks of StrikeIron, Inc.
StrikeIron, Web Services Business Network, and WSBizNet are trademarks of StrikeIron, Inc.
Kenai's eXamineXT is the perfect solution for assuring the security and best-practices compliance of software solutions created with Web services from WSBizNet," said Bob Brauer, President and Co-Founder of StrikeIron.
WSBizNet is a subscription-based online network of services and tools for easier and faster discovery, understanding and utilization of Web services.
WSBizNet is an innovative integrated set of on-demand services and easier-to-use graphical tools to simplify publishing, finding, understanding and utilizing Web services for easier and faster development of on-demand applications.
OnDemand Web Services for Excel has built-in search access to over 1000 Web services through the StrikeIron WSBizNet.
The product is completely integrated with the StrikeIron WSBizNet for enhanced search capabilities, Web Services Knowledge Base, Web Services Analyzer, and Premium Web Services.