WSCIWeb Service Choreography Interface
WSCIWestern Summit Constructors, Inc. (est. 1981; formerly Summit Constructors; Denver, CO)
WSCIWestern Society for Clinical Investigation
WSCIWholistic Stress Control Institute
WSCIWeb Services for Coalition Interoperability (various nations)
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The three-part structure of Greenblatt's and Wood's stories become seven in Bevington's attempt to use Jaques' set piece on "the seven ages of man" as a way of bringing together the known facts about THWS, the evidence of life experience in CWWS, and the continuing fascination of WSCI.
Wells's sights are turned in the opposite direction, toward what has happened to WSCI in the four centuries since THWS's death in 1616.
In contrast to these various schemes for aligning THWS, WSAF, and WSCI, Garber by and large refuses narrative and the discriminations and distortions that beginnings, middles, and ends entail.
As for WSAF, CWWS, and WSCI, the turning point is just where we would expect it to be from the chronological printing of the plays and poems in the Oxford second edition: in 1599.
More optimistic, indeed triumphalist, endings are provided by Bevington and Wells, who celebrate the staying power of WSCI across the four centuries since THWS's death.
The trick in achieving this subjectivity effect is deftly to fuse THWS with CWWS without directly appealing to WSAF, all the while casting WSCI as more a magician with words than a recorder of historical events.
One might have supposed that these nine books, commercial products designed for "general readers," would have little to say about the politics of THWS, WSAF, CWWS, or even WSCI.
Meanwhile, O'Toole said the decision to back BPEL rather than WSCI was not a difficult one to make: "We think it's going to be BPEL," he said.
Neither WSCI nor BPEL have huge implications for transport on the net," he said.
You can do everything with BPEL that WSCI can do, and more," he said.