WSCOWelsh Society of Central Ohio (Columbus, OH)
WSCOWater-Soluble Chitosan Oligomer
WSCOWest Side Community Organization (St. Paul, MN)
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We expect our high-speed managed network to give us an hour or two a day in labor savings," said Phil Boitz, director of management information systems for WSCO Petroleum.
WSCO Petroleum plans to use the private network for providing stores real-time access to its price book, checking inventory, and quickly implementing discounts or price changes.
The private network also allows WSCO Petroleum to reduce its credit card processing fees and process payment transactions within two to three seconds versus 15 to 20 seconds for dial-up at its unbranded locations.
New Edge Networks will install, maintain, and monitor network performance for WSCO Petroleum.
Upon completion of this transaction, WSCO TV-14 will air Paxson's proprietary network of infomercials, inTV, and in the future, other mainstream programming from the many alternatives which the company continues to explore for its entire nationwide group of broadcast television stations.
Leslie Seff, OTC trading chief at WSCO, will retain this same role with Fidelity Capital Markets.