WSDAWashington State Department of Agriculture (also seen as WASDA)
WSDAWashington State Dental Association
WSDAWhole Systems Design Association
WSDAWyoming Stock Dog Association
WSDAWashington State Dieticians' Association
WSDAWestern Square Dance Association (California)
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I suspect in the final report the losses will be higher," WSDA spokesman Hector Castro told the newspaper.
Several of the samples collected by WSDA for pesticide residue analysis tested positive, including two clothing samples from farmworkers that tested positive for triflumizole.
Chemical companies and the WSDA allowed and enabled the soil I have nurtured all this time to become contaminated.
Lure pouches are concealed by WSDA to make them safer to use in homeowners' yards.
DOH contacted WSDA about the poisonings and conducted a retrospective review of its 1993 database to determine if any mevinphos cases had occurred earlier in the summer.
8220;KRS earned this contract because our software is customized for any type of license, registration or inspection activity, and WSDA realized the opportunity to leverage the work that had already been done and apply it across other divisions,” says Stuart Edmondson, CTO, Kelly Registration Systems.
Beyond the Hands-on Handler Training, the WSDA also offers two other opportunities for pesticide handlers and field workers to receive their training verification card: the Train the Trainer program and the theater performance "El moscas y los pesticidas.
After a court order was obtained by the Cowlitz County Health Department and an embargo was placed by WSDA, the farm discontinued sales of raw milk on December 13, 2005.
Castros leadership brought WSDA to record levels of effective communication through community engagement during recent gypsy moth eradication efforts carried out across the state.
Working closely with our colleagues at the Department of Ecology, WSDA researchers have been analyzing surface water in agricultural areas, looking for signs of pesticides or pesticide legacy chemicals that are impacting fish populations.
Coles said seafood processors and produce farms are the highest-volume food producers in Washington state; seafood processors are inspected at least twice a year and produce farms are not licensed by the WSDA, although they have access to certain fee-based inspections.