WSDFWorld Sustainable Development Forum (New Delhi, India)
WSDFWashington State Dairy Federation (Elma, WA)
WSDFWestern Shoshone Defense Project
WSDFWrong Side Driving Friday (weekly tradition for US military troops in Japan)
WSDFWeb Service Definition File
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The chief of WSDF continues:"The government of the Faroe Islands strongly suggests to consume whale meat and blubber only once or twice a month because of high contamination by mercury and PCB's.
Instead of establishing a hard wired connection between the client and the service, by specifying the Web Services through addresses, WSDF enables the developer to formally specify a service using rules and ontological terms.
From 1997 to 2001, Simonson served on the Washington State Dairy Federation Board and worked with other WSDF Board members in the Federation's restructuring.