WSFFWorldwide Short Film Festival (Canadian Film Centre)
WSFFWorld Sports Fishing Federation
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The WSFF maintain that: "Only one in five board positions are held by women in publicly-funded sport.
Ruth Holdaway, chief executive of the WSFF, said: "We are delighted that Kate Hardcastle has agreed to become a Women's Sport NETWORK ambassador, bringing with her a wealth of experience and advice which can be shared amongst the NETWORK.
As always, the WSFF started with an evening of award-winning short films from around the world.
To its credit, unlike other festivals, the WSFF makes a point of announcing the award winners before the end of the festival and screening the films again for audiences who may have missed them the first time around.
Separate research for the WSFF found that 90 per cent of women felt under pressure to be thin, while 25 per cent said they hated the way they looked when they did exercise.
WSFF chief executive Sue Tibballs said: "WAGS are becoming the new sporting role models and that is depressing.
Established in 1994 and run for the past three years under the banner of the Canadian Film Centre, this year's WSFF screened many premieres of short films from around the world.
Submissions will be categorized after acceptance into the festival, and as a courtesy to the creative community there is no entry fee for the WSFF competition.
Currently, eight out of 10 women do too little physical activity to benefit their health and just 3% play organised team sports, the WSFF said.