WSSCCWater Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council
WSSCCWashington State Safe Communities Collaborative (advocacy)
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Public-private partnerships are essential to global progress related to personal hygiene," says Amina Mohammed, chair of WSSCC.
From a taboo standpoint they are ostracised--it's an awkward situation to be in if you are having your monthly period and you simply do not want to be seen by others because they may perceive you as either dirty or unhygienic in some way," said Chris Williams, executive Director of WSSCC.
With the WSSCC partnership SCA aims to break the menstrual taboos that jeopardize the health of millions of women every day, raise the awareness of menstrual hygiene and empower women and communities to take action, as menstruation should not hold women back to participate fully in society socially, educationally and professionally.
The WSSCC works with its partners all across the globe to ensure sustainable sanitation, better hygiene and safe drinking water for all people.
Edwall-Bjorklund explains: "SCA, WSSCC and Team SCA were in South Africa to talk with young girls who did not know much about or really understand the menstruation cycle.
This will also include an assessment of the impact of WSSCC s work.
A group of women--doctors, teachers and community volunteer organizers--had been trained in a train-the-trainers session by WSSCC the day before.
UNOPS is the hosting agency of the WSSCC Secretariat and will provide human resource management services to SWA for personnel to be managed by the WSSCC.
SCA and WSSCC announced the partnership in Cape Town, South Africa, in connection with Team SCA's first stopover in the Volvo Ocean Race round the world competition.
WSSCC enhances collaboration among sector agencies and professionals around sanitation and water supply and contributes to the broader goals of poverty eradication, health and environmental improvement, gender equality and long-term social and economic development.
WSSCC requests qualified firms to submit a quotation based on general specifications as per below.
Mis en place et gere par le WSSCC, le Fonds mondial pour l assainissement (Global Sanitation Fund GSF) a ete cree pour accelerer les depenses consacrees a l assainissement, en soutien aux politiques nationales.