WSTTWeather Scenario Test Tape
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However, our FES+RTT system was not engineered with as much intent to produce a certain gait trajectory during training; rather, the primary goal of our design was to time FES of the TA to coincide with afferent feedback that was naturally generated during WSTT in an attempt to reinforce this afferent activity.
This study also provides a foundation for further studying underlying mechanisms of a combined FES and WSTT therapy in a rodent model and for optimizing this FES therapy to enhance neuromuscular control of stepping and achieve more than muscle strengthening or immediate muscle facilitation.
Abbreviations: CDF = cumulative distribution function, CPN = common peroneal nerve, EMG = electromyography, FES = functional electrical stimulation, NIH = National Institutes of Health, PC = paw contact, RS = randomly timed stimulation, RTT = robotic treadmill training, SCI = spinal cord injury, SD = standard deviation, TA = tibialis anterior, TO = toe-off, WSTT = weight-supported treadmill training.