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WSVGWorld Series of Video Games
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Registration for all events, a full list of rules and all prizing for circuit events is available on the WSVG website at www.
From the moment it was announced, we recognized that E for All is going to become the most important gaming event of the year," said Matthew Ringel, president and commissioner of the WSVG.
By featuring the WSVG at E for All, we're able to offer fans a direct connection to the energy and excitement of game play at the competitive level," said Mary Dolaher, CEO, IDG World Expo.
In its inaugural year, the WSVG has attracted the attention of multiple television programmers.
Produced by GAMEPLAY HD, the special spotlighted several top competitors as they traveled around the world participating in WSVG events in Louisville, Dallas, London, Sweden, and China, vying for a place in the World Series of Video Games Finals in New York.
95 gamers who qualified on the WSVG Circuit in 2006 will be flown to New York to compete in the three day competition.
The WSVG circuit consists of eight national and international events where the top two winners of each category will be flown to the final tournament to be held later in the year where ultimate video game champions will be crowned.