WSXWrestling Society X (TV show)
WSXWashington Stock Exchange (online political game)
WSXWorld Soccer Exchange (fantasy sport)
WSXWeb Service Xchange (web design)
WSXWeb Server Extension Agent (Xitami)
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WSX Celestix appliances come in two models, one to serve small businesses with fewer than 250 users and one designed for organizations that have 250 to 1000 users on their networks.
WSX appliances are standalone deployments that can be installed without interrupting preexisting network infrastructure.
We have more than two years of experience building and selling appliances leveraging Websense Web Security Suite[TM] for large enterprises and are very excited about the WSX opportunity to provide Web filtering and Web security for SMBs and medium-sized enterprises," commented Ravi Lingarkar, president of Celestix Networks.
Celestix' WSX appliances offer several ease-of use-features that are important for smaller organizations that employ limited IT staffing.
com, the most up-to-date information on computer games to worldwide audiences, and WSX, a multi-language free Web site where sports enthusiasts prove their knowledge.