WSYWest Shore YMCA (various locations)
WSYWhat Say You?
WSYWord Sync
WSYWestern Shiprepair Yard (Klaipeda, Lithuania)
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Furthermore, WSY confirms that a larger share of wages and salaries in national income indicates more use of currency.
Panelists include Sterling Brewer, former WAPI announcer; Rosemary Lucas, former WAPI-TV on-air talent; Claude Gray, former WAPI engineer; Shelley Stuart, WATV announcer; Pete Sides, Alabama Power retiree and former WSY listener; and Everett Holley, former WAPI station manager and announcer.
We're proud that Alabama Power launched the first radio station in Alabama, WSY, a station that took the first step toward developing the broadcast industry that means so much to our state today," says Charles McCrary, president and CEO of Alabama Power Company.