WSZWinamp Skin Zip (digital file extension)
WSZWestport, New Zealand - Westport (Airport Code)
WSZWaqas Safdar Zaidi (group of companies, Karachi, Pakistan)
WSZWirtualna Sangha Zen (private Polish religious information website)
WSZWater Supply Zone (UK)
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Square root-transformed DCAA and TCAA and log-transformed BDCAA were modeled, with all models including a factor for WSZ and a spline on time.
Each woman was assigned modeled THM and HAA concentrations (micrograms per liter) for the WSZ encompassing her residence postcode at time of recruitment, and additionally for her workplace postcode if applicable and possible, within a GIS (geographic information system) via WSZ-postcode link.
It is a limitation that we could not account for residential mobility during pregnancy, and only partially account for mobility between WSZs due to workplace location.