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WTCAWorld Trade Centers Association
WTCAWood Truss Council of America (Madison, Wisconsin)
WTCAWelsh Terrier Club of America
WTCAWorld Trade Center Amsterdam (commercial center)
WTCAWater Terminal Clearance Authority
WTCAWest Texas Cycling Association (Lubbock, TX)
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That currently includes nearly 15,000 WTCA and 128,000 IASP members and tenants worldwide, along with a growing list of trade association contacts.
The WTCA denies wrongdoing and says it has spent millions building up the WTC name.
The WTCA is presently in the Gray Bar building at 420 Lexington Avenue near Grand Central, which Harooni said, "shows the growing popularity of downtown office space for many companies.
TWTC joined the WTCA in 1981 and won six "Best Practice" certificates in 2002, and has this year broken its own record to exceed other WTCA members, whose highest number is three.
Next year, the Hinkles plan to take their products to Asia and Europe through the WTCA.
Ann, of Chatham Close, Seaton Delaval, Northumberland, now estimates she has 100 bin bags bulging with kit, which have been shipped out to Africa for free by WTCA Ltd.
Operator Professional Representative Major Sectors Training Programs Association Primary Lumber (HWD, SOFTWD) Yes Yes Many Panels (OSB, MDF, PB, Veneer) No Yes Many Engineered Wood Products Yes Yes Many Secondary Furniture Residential Yes Yes AFMA Business -- Yes BIFMA Commercial -- -- Fixtures and Fittings No Yes NASFM Cabinets No No KCMA Custom Production Windows and Doors No -- WDMA Flooring In House -- Many Wood Laminated Dimensional Mills No -- WCMA Surfacing -- -- -- Trusses Yes -- WTCA Manufactured Housing -- -- Pallets No Yes NWPCA Architectural Wood Yes Yes AWI Equipment and Vendors Yes Yes WMMA Table 2: Overview of Wood Products Association Training Programs.
This is a unique opportunity for our diverse Southern California food product companies due to the rapidly growing tourism industry in Cuba," said Lee Harrington, president of the WTCA LA-LB and the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp.
Barry Sedlik, chief executive officer of the WTCA, said he is seeing an increase in ``TradeMatch Program'' activity among foreign companies looking for U.
WTCA chief executive John Bowden said that while the trade is reconciled to a ban, members will fight "tooth and nail" against any extension of the ban to removal of in-store advertising and gantries.
0 will be used by WTCA to enable its global user base of 750,000 companies in over 100 countries to locate trade resources on the portal.
That certification process is new for the WTCA, initiated last year as a way for all centers to gauge the effectiveness of their own programs and those of their sister centers.