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WTCIWorld Trade Center Institute (Baltimore, Maryland)
WTCIWorld Trade Center Illinois (Chicago, IL)
WTCIWorldNet Technology Consultants, Inc
WTCIWalczak Technology Consultants, Inc. (est. 1990; Prospect, PA)
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Established in 1989, WTCI is the region's premier private sector international business partner.
WTCI was established in Baltimore in 1989 as a non-profit membership organization to help connect Maryland to the globe.
Barnhill, the recipient of a Maryland International Business Leadership Award in 2006, was invited by WTCI to share TESSCO's story with the international community as a result of his proven ability to lead TESSCO to new global heights.
Financed jointly by area businesses and the State of Maryland, WTCI operates as a non-profit membership organization that enables members and program participants to benefit from valuable international business training, global connections, and customized training.
WTCI began looking for an economical upgrade path that would be useful in the short term as well as in the future, with 16 x 9 aspect ratio capabilities, and a digital interface to and from other equipment.
Since WTCI is has long-range plans to shoot in 16 x 9 aspect ratio, it helped to confirm that we were making the right decision.
Finally, for a station like WTCI, the DY-700's fast rewind is a real value.
WTCI"), a TCI company, and Scangraphics entered into a contract, whereby WTCI will distribute Scangraphics software products to the U.
The agreement calls for WTCI to sell over $450,000 of Scangraphics software products and associated maintenance services during the first year of the two-year agreement.
One element of the Strategic Alliance between Scangraphics and WTCI is for WTCI to offer the company's imaging products to those companies and individuals who are working for or doing business with the U.
We are delighted that WTCI has selected TRW as the most cost-effective option for transmitting audio programming across the Atlantic," said Paul Sasaki, vice president and general manager of TRW's Civil & International Systems Division, which manages TRW's TDRS transponder leasing.
The new audio service will be transmitted by WTCI from Denver to the TDRS satellite positioned over the Atlantic Ocean at 319 degrees east longitude.