WTCPWireless Transmission Control Protocol (telecommunications)
WTCPWorld Trade Center Project (New York, NY)
WTCPWorld Trade Center/Pentagon Program (federal loan program)
WTCPWat Tyler Country Park (bird watching site; UK)
WTCPReliable Transmission Control Protocol for Wide Area Wireless Networks
WTCPWomen and Twentieth-Century Protestantism (research program)
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The defendants denied they were negligent, and said the case should not go to trial because WTCP has recovered $4.
Judge Hellerstein said at this stage he could not reasonably determine the defendants' claim that insurance payments received by WTCP covered the damages the company is seeking from them.
The airlines denied they were negligent, and claimed that since WTCP already received $4.
The WTCP will target 3 provinces: Erzurum, Erzincan and Kars.