WTDSWhy Today Doesn't Suck
WTDSWeb Training Development System (e-training/e-learning resource)
WTDSWorldwide Type Designation System
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This evaluation addressed the following issues: (1) analyzing the learning behavior and achievements among these three classes; and (2) analyzing the learning achievements within the WTDS class.
In the meantime, questionnaires were administered to the WTDS class to elicit student attitudes toward the proposed system.
WTDS immediately provides diagnostic hints for students when they make mistakes and helps in solving problems.
Table 6 shows that WTDS has the longest total retention time, although the result does not reach a level of significance (F = 0.
Hence, the WTDS class was further divided into three clusters according to their pretest scores (Liu et al.
For each cluster, the mean score in the posttest is significantly higher than that in the pretest, meaning that all clusters benefit by the proposed WTDS.
Regardless of the cluster, WTDS supports all learners in their "zone of proximal development" to perform complex tasks, such as problem solving, without the help of which they may be unable to perform (Jonassen, 1997).
To understand student satisfaction on relevance to their concern, a questionnaire with a Likert scale ranging from 5 (strongly agree) to 1 (strongly disagree) was provided to the WTDS class.
Most students indicated that they were satisfied with WTDS and agreed that it is a stable and convenient online system.
This work implements the WTDS using association rules and AJAX techniques to promote student efficiency in learning ERD.
An evaluation was conducted to compare the WTDS with the WDDS and the WVS.