WTECWorld Technology Evaluation Center
WTECWatershed Technology Electronic Catalog (USDA)
WTECWorldwide Technology Expert Center (Hewlett-Packard)
WTECWorld Transmission Electronic Control (Allison Transmission, Inc.)
WTECWireless Technology Equipment Company (Motorola; Florida)
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Complete production of the engines will start in the autumn at the new WTEC plant in Penza, Russia, which will be able to manufacture between 250 and 300 engines annually.
With WTEC joining them, Asianux further solidifies its position in the Linux for Enterprise OS market in Asia and enhances its contribution on a worldwide basis.
WTEC will release Asianux product nationwide; they will also develop Linux for EnterpriseOS business through Asianux in addition to their own open source software business.
Follwing WTEC, the Asianux Consortium expects more companies to join the consortium in the future.
We are pleased welcome WTEC join Asianux Consortium at the end of this triumphant year.
I am incredibly pleased that Asianux welcomes WTEC as the 5th member and provider from Thailand following China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam.
Sujin Kim President & CEO of HAANSOFT said that "It is remarkable for Asianux to take yet another step forward expanding new business opportunities by adding a 5th member, WTEC to the Asianux community.
Tran LuongSon, President of VietSoftware said, "The accession of WTEC from Thailand to Asianux as 5th member is great news for all consortium members.
Phiroon Phihakendr, Managing Director of WTEC said, "We are very honored to be the 5th member of the Asianux consortium aswe will have a chance to take part in promoting our Asian flavor of Linux in a big and Asian way.
FUN TIME: Free parent and child internet sessions are popular at WTEC