WTPCWe the People Coalition (A coalition of third parties and Independents)
WTPCWhither Turbulence Prediction and Control (conference)
WTPCWe the People Congress, Inc
WTPCWritten Textual Production and Consumption (India)
WTPCWalking the Prevention Circle (Canada)
WTPCWest Tamar Pony Club (Tasmania, Australia)
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2009), who assessed between 900h and 1100h vines cultivated under a system protected with 150 [micro]m thick translucent woven polypropylene plastic canvas and grapes cultivated WTPC and the authors observed that A was different between the cultivation systems.
The difference in the A values between the two systems found at 800h was associated to the higher gs value in the plants cultivated in the TPC system compared to the plants in the WTPC system (Figures 3C and D).
5kPa) compared to the same time in the WTPC system (2.
Summer temperatures of sheathing under WTPC and WRC shingles were virtually the same and generally 12 to 15[degrees]C cooler than temperatures under fiberglass shingles.
Temperatures of sheathing under WTPC and WRC shingles were generally the same ([+ or -]1[degrees]C) as shingle temperatures and virtually the same ([+ or -]2[degrees]C) as each other.
This agreement in data allowed us to compare the wealth of data on thermal load histories recorded for structures with black and white fiberglass shingles from 1992 to 1999 in both Wisconsin and Mississippi with these 3-year Wisconsin data for WRC and WTPC shingles.
The Current Reality Tree shows the participants' perceptions of the causes of undesirable effects present at WTPC [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 3 OMITTED].
This technique has not only fine-tuned identifying and resolving problems but has nurtured improved communications and understandings throughout WTPC.
Dan continues to elevate the use and understanding of the Thinking Process at WTPC.
In the summer of 2002, temperatures were recorded in the structures with WRC, WTPC, and fiberglass shingles at the Valley View exposure site in Wisconsin.
From July to September 2002, the WRC shingles and WTPC shingles on the WI structures were evaluated for their UV durability and their influence on the solar-induced thermal loads imparted to wood roof truss lumber and OSB roof sheathing in typical light-framed construction.
9[degrees]C for WTPC with and without lathe, respectively.