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WTSWant To Sell
WTSWant to See
WTSWindows Terminal Server (Microsoft)
WTSWindows Terminal Services (Microsoft)
WTSWeb Terrain Service
WTSWireless Telecommunications Symposium
WTSWant to Show (mathematics)
WTSWorking Time Saved
WTSWanita Tuna Susila (Indonesian: Women Lacking in Morals; Prostitutes)
WTSWhat's That Smell?
WTSWilson-Turner X-Linked Mental Retardation Syndrome
WTSWillingness to Sacrifice
WTSWishful Thinking Syndrome
WTSWaco Transit System
WTSWunderland Toast Society
WTSWeb Transport System
WTSWhat the Shizzle?
WTSWashington Tactical Switch
WTSWroclawskie Towarzystwo Sportowe (Poland)
WTSWeapons Training Site
WTSWastewater and Tank Systems
WTSWaupun Taxi System (Wisconsin)
WTSWork Truck Show (National Truck Equipment Association)
WTSWanting to Sell
WTSWireless Telephone System
WTSWomen's Transportation Seminar
WTSWorld Tour Soccer
WTSWorld Toilet Summit
WTSWatch This Space
WTSWeb Translation System (BabelZilla)
WTSWesley Theological Seminary
WTSWaste Transfer Station
WTSWeb Transaction Service
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WTS International, headquartered in Washington, DC, is committed to advancing women in transportation through expanding existing scholarship opportunities to women pursuing transportation related degrees, providing and promoting more educational opportunities and career development to advance women in transportation, and initiating, sponsoring and publishing research related to advancing women in transportation.
WTS will use the network to support its future local multipoint distribution system (LMDS) and digital video broadcasting terrestrial (DVBT) operations, which will integrate digital TV broadcasting with multimedia services, such as next-generation Internet, interactive TV services, telephony and video conferencing across Portugal.
In addition to winning the WTS 2012 award for Employer of the Year, Michael Baker Corporation has been honored at the chapter level by Greater NY (2006), Atlanta (2007), Colorado (2010), Connecticut Valley (2011), and Central Pennsylvania (2011) as Employer of the Year.
WTS is a unique organization that promotes improvement in national and international transportation policy and programs, and provides a platform for the advancement of women in the transportation industry, Ms.
WTS engineers will work with NAFEO to identify HBCU and other engineering departments that it can employ to advance WTS technologies and manufacture system components that will power WTS water management systems.
Since joining WTS 22 years ago, Michael has held various positions in Finance, Business Development and Management.
It's the season opener and the opportunity for triathletes to kick-start their season with a win on what is becoming one of the most exciting races on the WTS circuit.
WTS was founded in 1977 and is an international organization with more than 6,500 members, both women and men, dedicated to building the future of transportation through the global advancement of women.
Jenkins, in the middle of her final training block ahead of Rio, failed to make an impact in the shorter spring distance race and was never in contention as America's Katie Zaferes won her first WTS race ahead of Dutch woman Rachel Klamer and her US compatriot Gwen Jorgensen.
The WTS network covers 4,500 miles of track and ships more than half a million carloads annually.
NTT Group in cooperation with ITU and JTU, will begin providing distribution of images of the Elite Paratriathlon race, a competition of top athletes with disabilities, and official triathlon related smart phone apps, beginning with WTS Yokohama 2016 and continuing with future races, while developing a race data tracking system.
ONI has been publishing the WTS for about 25 years.