WTWWillis Towers Watson (various locations)
WTWWhat's the Word (education)
WTWWissenschaftlich Technische Werkstätten (German: Scientific Technical Institute)
WTWWalk the Walk
WTWWorth the Wait
WTWWell to Wheels
WTWWater Treatment Works
WTWWell-To-Wheels (hybrid electric vehicle)
WTWWalk this Way
WTWWork, Training and Welfare (University of Milan; Italy)
WTWWoman to Woman (Boston)
WTWWalk Through Walls (glitch in a video game)
WTWWellness Tourism Worldwide (various locations)
WTWWaste to Wealth (Institute for Local Self-Reliance)
WTWWatamu Turtle Watch (Kenya)
WTWWafer to Wafer (variation)
WTWWarmte Terug Winning
WTWWhat the World (Internet slang)
WTWW.T.Woodson High School (Fairfax, Virginia)
WTWWild Turkey Wednesday
WTWWheel to Wheel (automotive)
WTWWildlife Trusts Wales
WTWWhat the What? (Internet slang)
WTWWrestle The World (Tom & Terry Brands, Iowa City, IA, USA)
WTWWhat the Waffle
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The GREET[R] model developed by Argonne National Laboratory [26] is used in this work to assess the WTW GHG emissions and the energy use of the LOF GCI ICEVs.
This system provides data for corneal thickness, ACD, aqueous depth, lens thickness, keratometry, WTW, pupillography, anterior and posterior corneal topography and corneal wavefront analysis.
The business will rebrand as CBRE | WTW and be led by Mr Foo Gee Jen and Mr Danny SK Yeo, the current leaders of WTW and highly respected real estate professionals in Malaysia.
The focus of WTW is for teachers to determine a student's instructional level via an assessment rubric drawn from a formal test or an everyday piece of writing, determine which groups of students have similar instructional needs and from there organise the class into three or four relatively comparable spelling groups.
At the time of introducing the WTW policy, the then Australian government described the benefits of employment for people affected by the welfare reform as 'higher incomes', 'better participation in mainstream economic life' (Costello 2005: 3), and improvements to 'wellbeing' (Commonwealth of Australia 2005a, 2005b), One of the key assumptions underpinning welfare-to-work policy is that 'any job is a good job' (Gazso & McDaniel 2010; Baxter & Renda 2011), as WTW recipients are compelled to accept any reasonable employment opportunity.
Figure 2 presents a summary of the WTW GHG emissions estimates for
The Enhancing Self Care (ESC) study was designed to reach a group of women who had previously participated in WTW, prior to the development of the MHC[C].
Crucially it will also look to empower WTW to make recommendations on wildlife sites planning applications.
International Villages-Hopewell in Barut, Kenya is the first of four such projects that WTW plans to launch around the world.
WTW has been providing social support and health education to rural isolated women for over 13 years to help them more successfully adapt to their chronic illnesses.