WUFWorld Urban Forum (UN)
WUFWhere Are You From?
WUFWorld University Federation (Bridgeport, CT)
WUFWorldwide United Foundation (Salt Lake City, UT)
WUFWork Utilization Form
WUFWhat's Up Fool?
WUFWorld Union of Freethinkers (also seen as WUFT)
WUFWater under Floor (computer safety)
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Christopher Rollo, country program director of UN-Habitat Philippines, said the WUF was established to examine the most pressing issues facing the world today in the area of human settlements, in particular "rapid urbanization and its impact on cities, communities, economies, climate change and policies.
To help ensure that planning had a significant voice at WUF, a World Planners Congress (WPC) was held immediately beforehand, providing planners from around the world with the opportunity to discuss planning's role in tackling the massive problems of rapid urbanisation and the growth of urban poverty.
The purpose of producing the paper was to provoke and focus debate during the lead up to WPC and WUF and at the events themselves.
There is no doubt that planning had a major voice at WUF--in marked contrast to the 2004 WUF in Barcelona, at which planning was barely mentioned.
Furthermore, the UN official report on WUF identified New Urban Planning as one of four highlights of the whole event: 'The Forum placed a strong emphasis on planning as a tool for urban development and environmental management, and as a means of preventing future slum growth.
Tremendous progress was made at WUF in getting planning recognised as part of the solution--not part of the problem.
Three important legacies from WUF have been established.
1KTV, the innovative, on-demand mobile television network, announced today that David Bluhm, former Mforma co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at WUF Networks, has joined the company as Chief Executive Officer.
Bluhm, a 20-year veteran in the wireless technology industry, recently served as the CEO of WUF Networks, a company which allowed mobile users to access and stream rich media to their mobile phones and was acquired by Yahoo
The 22-state Arab League - except for Algiers, Baghdad and Beirut - has got tougher with Lebanon's Hizbullah and its parent, WuFs Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and its external arm the Quds.