WURGWeb User Reference Group (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology; Melbourne, Australia)
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IN an episode entitled Gracie's Bully, there is chaos at WURG as the staff prepare for Gracie's class to arrive on a field trip to the station.
Making like a latter-day Ted Baxter, Grammer plays Chuck Darling--a puffed-up, preening local news anchor who climbed the market ladder from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles by way of Denver, Minneapolis and Dallas, All that comes crashing down, however, after one YouTube-immortalized diatribe, causing Chuck to retreat back to WURG in Pittsburgh.
Think of that as this newscast's feel-good sign-off, with the more depressing lead story being that the WURG gang will need those skills and then some if they hope to endure long enough to bask in the afterglow of "Idol" worship.