WUVWet Uitkeringen Vervolgingsslachtoffers (Dutch: Victims Prosecution Benefits Act)
WUVWerbe Und Vertriebsgesellschaft (German: Advertising and Sales)
WUVWildlife Underwater Video
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For KIV and WUV identified in airway specimens, calculated seroprevalences are high in the general population (55%-90% and 69%-98%, respectively) (20,21,23,24).
But "I Wuv You" is much more than a smart deconstruction of family representations; it's also a complex combination of work by three different artists who call themselves a family.
We wuv Suri Cruise's ickle wabbit, it's nearly as cute as her.
2 4437-2632 Protein Amino acid identity, % WuV MCyV TSV SV40 LPV HPyV9 VP1 28.
What's so great about you Scorpio is your intensity, that doesn't work if you're buying wuv woo bears every day.
There you will find out why you may not have Poopin-pie to wuv you this squishy, squashy Valentine's.
Drummer Noah Bernardo, 27, who goes by Wuv, believes the past year is a testament to the appeal of the band's brand of God-inspired rock.
Real time PCR TaqMan assays for detection of polyomaviruses KIV and WUV in clinical samples.
FORGET the flowers and chocolates this Valentine's Day - because nothing says I wuv you quite like the gift of a 0-0 bet on today's Bolton-Tottenham game.
Each contains two CUES; these will be common words, or three-letter nonsense words such as ZEQ or WUV.
A spokesperson for the Teletubbies Wule OK Fan Club said: "We wuv Tewetubbieth.