WVABCAWest Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control Administration
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The WVABCA also works closely with colleges and universities, state and local law enforcement agencies, community coalitions and other organizations to promote messages centered on responsible drinking and serving.
The WVABCA doesn't have customers in the traditional sense.
Building on the success of the DUI Simulator Program, the WVABCA last year launched "No School Spirits," which accepted PSA drunk-driving essays from high-school students.
To begin the process, the WVABCA collaborated with its state's central office of technology.
Our current system is over two decades old," says Gig Robinson, spokesman for the WVABCA.
At present, the WVABCA has 1,992 regular codes for fisting and 969 active special order codes, up from 1,975 and 839, respectively.
Another exciting change for the WVABCA is work related to the relocation of their main office to the City Center West building in downtown Charleston.
The RLLB was charged by the WV Legislature to examine the existing 165 retail outlet licenses, the market zones, purchases from the WVABCA Distribution Center for retail outlets, economic factors and demographic data to determine the availability of retail outlet licenses for the upcoming bid.
This new approach allows the WVABCA to maintain a tighter inventory control by determining which product(s) comprise the ABCA Bailment Portfolio.
These funds allow the WVABCA to conduct compliance checks, work with local law enforcement and offer free Tips trainings.