WVPWet Verbetering Poortwachter (Dutch: Gatekeeper Improvement Act; employment law)
WVPWaste Volume Projections
WVPWomen Ventures Project
WVPWater Vapor Profiling (radiometrics)
WVPWaste Vitrification Projects
WVPWrigley Video Productions (Cochranville, PA)
WVPWorld Voices Positive (various organizations)
WVPWillamette Valley Project (Oregon)
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The WVP Emerging Manager Onshore Fund currently offers access to more than 15 managers through custom portfolios with a diverse alternative investment menu primarily focused on market neutral, volatility, equity long/short and event driven strategies with US and international exposure.
WVP is a phenomenon which determines the onset of drug release and drug release rate during dissolution (Xiangrong et al.
Figure 7 shows WVP of individual vegetable oil-starch films and sucrose-starch films and also of the composite films containing both vegetable oil and sucrose.
The prison's population during these decades hovered around 750, although WVP at one point prior to 1960 housed as many as 2,200 prisoners
In my Finnish article for the WVP, I concluded that the Whites simply either shot the wounded Russians in the hospital and battlefield or left them bleeding and without any medical care.
A spokesperson for EthoStream said that it was proud to have completed testing through the Intel WVP and that it was looking forward to providing high level service to its users as it continues to improve the use of Wi-Fi technology.
58) AO' WVP, MU 7185, minute book, 1891-95, 1 December 1891, 43; Minutes of the 2nd Annual Meeting of the Patrons of Industry, 9; see also the Canada Farmers' Sun (London), 20 September 1892 and 23 October 1892; Canada Farmers' Sun (Toronto), 13 March 1894 and 15 June 1894.
1) were measured four different times at a fixed horizontal location for three different intensities in experiments WVP and IVP (Table 1).
As with the fruit films, vegetable films exhibit good oxygen barrier properties and moderate WVP.
WVP (actual water vapor pressure), a measure of humidity defined as the amount of water vapor in a volume of air, increases as the amount of water vapor increases.
The WVP values of the untreated and PCMMcs-encapsulated nylon fabrics were measured according to the ASTM E 96 desiccant method using an LH20-11vp (Nagono).
The results indicated that the presence of silicon carbide augmented WVP by reducing the soft segment crystallinity, whereas that of organoclay reduced the WVP considerably due to excellent exfoliation.