WVRWyndham Vacation Resorts (various locations)
WVRWorld Vital Records (database)
WVRWorld Victory Road (martial arts; Japan)
WVRWithin Visual Range
WVRWomen's Volunteer Reserve (est. 1914; UK)
WVRWears Valley Ranch (Christian counseling; Tennessee)
WVRWater Vapor Radiometer
WVRWide Voltage Range (electricty)
WVRWillamete Valley Railroad (Oregon)
WVRWebSphere Voice Response (IBM)
WVRWake Vortex Reports
WVRWake Vortex Radar
WVRWireless Video Recorder (NewSoft)
WVRWoollamia Village Retreat (Australia)
WVRWorld View Resources, Inc.
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The team of WVR technical and support engineers have joined Blueworx and will continue to spearhead product research, development and support from offices in the U.
The WVR was capable of pointing to GPS satellites only, and only some stations in the network observed the GLONASS system.
Discriminating between dynamic targets on the ground as found in CAS scenarios can be more difficult than BVR or even WVR air engagements, as air-to-air targets reside in a sterile environment compared to the chaos of close-quarters ground combat.
If the WVR fight is dangerous, the key is to avoid it by destroying as many hostiles as possible in BVR, preferably at extreme range.
which just finished swapping three TV stations for WVR in Richmond because it owns the Richmond Times-Dispatch.
The Blue Chip business offers more than 1,100 high-quality rental properties, and further extends WVR UKs top-end self-catering portfolio, particularly across the South West.
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 23, 2016-WTI Holdings Closes Acquisition of IBM's WVR Businesses
It's a Wonderful Life: Live from WVL Radio Theatre adapt: WVR Repoley; dir: Angie Flynn-Mclver.
With the present tender for the planning services for the future network expansions the WVR AG is looking for a planning partner, which will process the provided projects starting in the years 2016 and 2017 (plus 2 x 1 year Option) in the grid area of ?
WVR works alongside communities, organizations, agencies and the church at the grass root level seeking to ensure safety, physical and emotional health, and good nutrition for our children.