WVUHWest Virginia University Hospitals
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Rocco LaSala, MD, Department of Pathology, West Virginia University, WVUH Clinical Labs, Box 8009, One Medical Center Dr, Morgantown, WV 26506 (e-mail: plasala@hsc.
Ancillary utilization for WVUH has increased because patients are encouraged to have studies or testing performed at WVUH (Table 5).
Music therapy is used at WVUH as an adjunct to nursing practice, as an additional tool to help patients.
Recognizing that music therapy may be a viable approach to augmenting traditional treatments, the Medical-Surgical Research Utilization Team (MSRUT) at WVUH collaborated with the hospital's CMP to evaluate the current research related to the effect of music therapy on patients.
WVUH NICU is a level IIIc NICU with a 42 bed capability.
I'm very excited to be taking this new position at Ruby Memorial and WVUH, especially at this time when it's growing to meet patient demands for advanced quality care," Wright said.
9 Investigators at WVUH found a smaller, but still impressive average cost Of repeat CT scans of nearly $1800 in transferred trauma patients.
If the results are abnormal, the patient may choose to consult with their primary care physician regarding follow-up care or be referred to a WVUH specialty clinic.
WVUH had 13 patients with urethral disruption from a 10 year retrospective review of approximately 17,000 patients first seen from January 1995-August 2004.
Baseline median age at diagnosis of women screened at WVUH was younger than patients at CAMC (52 vs.