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WWDTWest Wind Dog Training (est. 2000; Virginia)
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Here we highlight how the WWDT can be used to visualize the spatial and temporal complexity of the California drought and the importance of having multiple drought and hydroclimate indices across different time scales.
Maps were generated using the "Archived Maps" tab from the WWDT page.
Figure 2 shows an example application of the WWDT time series tool for data averaged over Tulare County, California (highlighted in Fig.
One shortcoming of the WWDT is that it is limited to providing monthly updates.
The WWDT has been operational since 2011 and has become a popular tool for applied climate research, public outreach communication, and data visualization.
We would like acknowledge Andrew Joros and Donovan VanSant for their contributions to the web development of the WWDT and Laura Edwards for her help conceptualizing the WWDT.
Maps can be generated by using the WWDT "Archived Maps" tab.