WWYDWhat Would You Do?
WWYDWhat Would Yoda Do?
WWYDWhat Would Yeshua Do?
WWYDWhy Won't You Die?
WWYDWe Want Your Daughters
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After the intervention, a significant linear trend will be observed on repeated measures across the control and experimental groups such that the experimental group will have significantly better/higher mean scores on the WWYD and the Self-Protective Behaviors Measure, and that significant difference will be maintained at follow-up.
Given that the WWYD consists of two subscales (Subscale 1: One's Willingness to Avoid Engaging in Coercive Behavior and Subscale 2: One's Willingness to Intervene in Rape-Supportive Situations), a 2 (condition) x 3 (time) mixed-model multivariate analysis of covariance was conducted with the two WWYD subscales as dependent variables and the MCSD-C as a covariate.
Hypothesis 3: On average, male high school students make an error by assuming that their peers have more rape-supportive attitudes and behaviors than they truly do, as measured by the DSS-R and WWYD scores.
It is also a possibility that the WWYD was not a valid way of measuring behavioral changes at the high school level.